Comprehensive SEO Audit

Boost search rankings and attract potential customers with an SEO audit



Raise Your Search Ranking And Magnify The Visibility

Is your business’ website not ranking as expected? Not attracting enough of the right audience? Then an SEO audit is on the cards. Your search engine optimization (SEO) tactics play a big role in your search rankings. A comprehensive SEO audit can help you understand what’s working and what’s not. Our experts perform a detailed SEO health check of your site and deliver an easy-to-read report so you can elevate your SEO campaign.


A detailed SEO audit will enable you to alter your tactics so you can gain a higher place in search engine results when users search for relevant keywords.

Higher search rankings lead to better visibility, which leads to more organic traffic because it is easier for potential leads to find you.

Since your site becomes easier to find, you are more accessible to new opportunities, be it from potential customers or industry peers.

A combination of all of the above means you can close more sales, leading to an increase in revenue.


Our Comprehensive SEO Audit Services Include

Link Audit

We do a thorough analysis of all related links, including internal and external, such that none of them are construed as spam or malicious by search engine algorithms.

Competitor Analysis

We go through your main competitors' websites as well as industry leaders to see where you stand and if changes are required to attain a better ranking.

Website Overview

As a leading SEO audit service provider, we have the skills and tools to provide a detailed overview of site elements. We rank these elements based on SEO parameters so you know where improvements are needed.

Content Audit

Content is paramount for good SEO. As a top SEO audit agency, we have the expertise to identify low-quality content that is hindering your campaign.

Keyword Research

The keywords you target determine the audience you attract. We do a detailed keyword research so that you use the right ones in your content strategy.

SEO recommendations

Our SEO team will provide suggestions based on the core issues found in the audit so your future SEO strategies can be crafted to be more efficient.

Inbound Link Audit

identify low-quality content that is hindering your campaign. Inbound Link Audit – The sites that link to your website are crucial for SEO. We inspect your inbound links and suggest changes or removals where needed. As a result, your site is shown to the right audiences.

Technical Website Audit

A technical SEO audit is performed by our web development and SEO experts to identify any programming or technical issues, which are hindering your site.

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