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Netofficials offers skilled Indian developers for hire who are well-versed in your company’s requirements. We have successfully completed 500+ projects globally with our 10+ years of experience designing amazing mobile and web apps. Our Indian developers can help everyone from startups to SMEs to large corporations. Furthermore, outsourcing programming services to us will help you boost your business’s return on investment.

You receive a trusted brand with a 100% client satisfaction rate, India’s best mobile app development team, 10+ years of experience, tight NDA terms, and complete peace of mind when you hire us.

Technology Stack

When you employ developers in India from Netofficials, you’ll get coders with at least 5 years of online and mobile app development expertise. To complete the development process in a timely manner, the team uses an Agile development strategy and a DevOps approach. Take a look at the essential technology skills you’ll receive from hiring coders in India:

Mobile Application Developers

When it comes to mobility solutions, Netofficials is the preferred choice of many Fortune 500 firms. If you hire developers in India who are well-versed in the current mobile app development technology and platforms, you will receive desirable mobile app development.

Hire Android Developers & Programmers
Hire Kotlin Developers & Programmers
Hire iOS Developers & Programmers
Hire Kotlin Developers & Programmers
Hire iOT Developers & Programmers
Hire Ionic Developers & Programmers
Hire React Native Developers & Programmers
React Native

Web and Full Stack Developers

You may count on us if you need to employ coders for your web and full-stack projects. You can hire developers in India for startups who have extensive experience designing intuitive UI and UX designs that integrate cutting-edge technologies. Here are some of the technologies in which our Indian developers excel:

Hire PHP Developers
Hire Python Developers
Hire Laravel Developers
Hire Devops Programmers

Microsoft Technologies Developers

Netofficials is a well-known and reputable name in the recruiting of Indian programmers for Microsoft technologies. You can hire Indian experts with extensive experience in developing Microsoft-based solutions. The following are some Microsoft technologies that you can use if you hire coders:

Hire .NET Developers
Hire Sitecore Developers
Hire Xamarin Programmers
Hire Sharepoint Developers

JavaScript & Java

If you’re trying to recruit Java developers in India, Netofficials is a great place to start. We have a qualified team of Java developers available for employment with extensive knowledge of Java and Javascript technologies. You may also hire Indian programmers to create online or mobile applications using the following Java and JavaScript technology stacks.

Hire Java Developers
Hire Node JS Developers
Node JS
Hire Vue JS Programmers
Vue JS
Hire Angular JS Developers
Angular JS
Hire React JS Programmers
React JS

eCommerce & CMS

We were one of the first companies to offer eCommerce and CMS development services. We’ve built thousands of online and mobile applications for eCommerce and CMS since our inception in 2014. You can hire an Indian developer to create web and mobile applications for you utilizing a variety of eCommerce and CMS platforms.

Hire Drupal Developers
Hire WordPress Developers
Hire Magento Developers
Hire Kentico Developers

Expertise of Our Developers

You get a team of quick-witted web and mobile app Indian coders when you employ Netofficials to design custom applications and give up-gradation, migration, support, and maintenance services when you hire developers in India from Netofficials.

Ready to Get Started with Dedicated Developers?

Looking for programmers to boost productivity and reduce in-house recruitment costs while maintaining complete peace of mind? You receive professional resources who work as an extension of your team and can construct scalable and interactive web and mobile apps that meet your business needs when you engage an Indian developer.

Latest Technology Integration

When you hire a developer from Netofficials, you’ll get top-notch developers with extensive experience integrating the latest technology. We use the most up-to-date technologies to make your web or mobile app work right out of the box. As a result, when you employ a developer online, you will be able to stay ahead of the competition. So, take a look at some of the most up-to-date technical skills that you can obtain when you hire programmers in India.

Augmented Reality

Tools: iOS ARKit, Android ARCore, Vuforia, ARToolKit, Unity 3D, 3DS Max

  • Create a user experience that is engaging, rich, and interactive.
  • To better understand user activity, detailed analytics are generated.
  • Personalized products and services tailored to the user’s specific requirements
  • Social media shares help to raise brand exposure.
Hire AR Developers

Virtual Reality

Tools: Unity, Amazon Sumerian, Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), CRYENGINE, Blender, Maya

  • Assist in the creation of fun games.
  • Applications that use virtual reality improve emotional involvement.
  • With the use of virtual reality, marketers may make their advertisements more engaging.
  • Businesses can employ virtual reality to allow customers to try out their items virtually.
Hire Virual Reality Programmers

Blockchain Technologies

Tools: Solidity, Ethereum Geth, Blockchain Testnet, Remix, Solc, Coinbase’s API.

  • Due to the elimination of the intermediary, efficiency has increased.
  • Because its transaction ledger is open to the public, there is more transparency.
  • Because the new transaction is encrypted and linked to the prior one, it is more secure.
  • Improved traceability thanks to an audit trail that allows you to track down where your goods come from.
Hire Blockchain Developers

Artificial Intelligence

Tools: Microsoft Azure AI, Google Cloud AI, IBM Watson, Infosys Nia, Dialogflow, BigML

  • Due to the elimination of the intermediary, efficiency
  • Chatbot development to improve client interaction and respond to queries quickly
  • Enhancing the personalization of purchasing experiences.
  • Customer interactions are being automated.
  • Predicting outcomes via data mining.
Hire AI Developers

Internet of Things

Tools: Eclipse IoT, Arduino, PlatformIO, IBM Watson, Tessel 2, OpenSCADA, Kinoma Create

  • Operating costs are being reduced.
  • Consumer behavior is understood.
  • Boost your productivity and efficiency.
  • Enhance client service and satisfaction.
Internet of Things

Big Data Analysis

Tools: Apache Hadoop, CDH, Cassandra, Knime, Datawrapper, MongoDB, Lumify

  • It aids in the growth of revenue and customer loyalty.
  • It aids in the comprehension of user behavior and market conditions.
  • With the correct analytics of target users, you can make effective decisions.
  • Targeted selling allows for maximum consumer involvement.
Hire Big Data Analytics

Why Hire Developers from India?

Hire a developer in India from a trained team of software programmers, application developers, and web coders who will assist your company in sailing the boat to profitable beaches.


Outsourcing your project to India will be considerably more cost-effective than outsourcing to other nations, therefore hire a developer from Netofficials. You’ll also get a coder with extensive knowledge and experience in software, web, and mobile app development.

Learn New Technologies

Hire developers in India that are continually striving to provide their clients with more than the finest.
Netofficials’ devoted developers are ambitious and always learning new techniques, tools, and frameworks.

Easily Accessible

Without hesitation, you can hire programmers in India.
All of our developers have excellent communication skills and can be reached at any moment by chat, phone, or email. Our work is never disrupted by our clients’ diverse time zones.

Professional Developers

A talented and innovative mind can be found in an Indian developer.
You’ll find coders who are dedicated to their work and have a high level of professionalism when it comes to completing projects on time.

Quality Assurance

You will obtain high-quality IT solutions if you hire a developer in India.

Yes, Indian developers put their hearts and souls into a project and ensure that it is completed on time and to a high standard.

Technology Diversity

When you hire developers in India online, you’ll be presented with a slew of options, including mobile app development, React Native development, Laravel development, and a variety of other technologies.

Hire Programmers

All Major Industries are Covered

When you hire an Indian developer, you’re getting a team with years of experience designing industry-specific software. Let’s have a look at the industries in which they excel:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our clientele. Please contact us if you require additional information or have any other questions.

The following points will demonstrate our efforts and devotion to the company:

  • If you’re not happy with your project, we’ll refund your money in full.
  • Experience delivering projects for more than 500 clients in the United States and Europe
  • Over a decade of experience in the business, with a focus on the offshore execution model
  • Task monitoring powered by AI and bug-free coding
  • Integration of advanced technologies and simple and quick communication

Our programmers work five days a week, except weekends like Saturday and Sunday.
Our coders on urgent projects are available for 8 hours a day, but time does not matter to them.

We do, in fact, bill on an hourly basis. You are solely charged for the number of hours our App developers work on your project under the hourly basis or Time & Material model.

What is the precise start date for the project?

After receiving all of the essential inputs, our developers assess them and promptly deploy the team size to begin the workflow. Indian developers for hire ensure that your project is completed within the agreed-upon time frame.

Reason 1) Cost Effective

Companies are seeking for methods to minimize costs in today’s economic situation. Outsourcing some or all of your development work is one of the simplest and most effective methods to accomplish it. Professional-level programming is available at a fraction of what it would cost in most countries. Outsourcing developers to India will save you money while also giving your projects an international flair that many clients appreciate. Even if the job is little, you may be able to save money.

Reason 2) Time Efficient

While saving money via outsourcing may appear to be an obvious benefit, it is not always time efficient. You’ll need to devote time to researching and interviewing companies, which means you’ll have to leave your regular employment.
There are a few more things you’ll need to do if you outsource, such as ensuring that your outsourced developers keep on target and aren’t sidetracked or working too slowly for whatever reason. Then there’s the research into choosing a decent company to deal with, as well as determining how much exactly what you want done should cost… all of these things take time before any actual work is done.

Reason 3) Quality of Outcome is Good

You’re probably trying to hire a group of developers if you’re looking for an outsourced team of pros. And, as with anything else, it’s preferable to choose someone who has done the job before and done it effectively.
The quality of talent available in India is really great, and it is actually cheaper than here in North America as compared to local talent in most other parts of the world. The cost of living for a developer is also substantially lower. Many people believe that hiring foreigners will cost more than hiring locals, although this isn’t always the case.

Reason 4) International Collaboration

For a variety of reasons, international collaboration is a fantastic idea. You’ll have access to a considerably broader pool of skilled applicants if you deal with developers in India, and you might even find someone who fits your cultural mold better than other local possibilities.
Furthermore, interacting with people from other cultures might provide better results—but only if you understand what motivates them. It’s simple to make mistakes that result in disappointing results if you don’t grasp how people think or what motivates them to work. Working globally necessitates more effort, but following these recommendations will pay off in the long run.

Reason 5) Successful Past Projects

There are several outsourced options available nowadays for businesses that do not want to hire full-time employees. If you’re starting a new project and aren’t sure what you want to accomplish, now is the time to consider hiring freelancers. You can hire as many or as few services as you require; instead of full-time employees, think of them as independent contractors.

Reason 6) Ease of Communication

Though talking with someone who does not understand your language can be tough, outsourcing work to India is a fantastic idea due to its time zone and simplicity of communication. It’s far easier for developers in India, who are on the other side of the planet, to interact and solve support issues without waking them up.
Aside from that, English is one of India’s official languages. Despite the fact that not everyone speaks it fluently, there are enough people who do to make internet conversation reasonably simple. Furthermore, depending on where part of India you employ from, many will have significant ties to Western countries such as Canada or the United Kingdom, indicating that they are likely to be familiar with similar cultures.

Reason 7) Convenient Online Communications

Software development has become a highly competitive sector due to rapid technological advancements. The competition for top developers might lead to you spending more money on programmers than they are worth, so finding skilled programmers at reasonable rates is critical. Many developers today specialize in specific technologies or services, and employing them will be a waste of money if your project does not line with their expertise.

Reason 8) Non-Stop Support

Hiring Indian programmers is a simple method to ensure that your initiatives receive continuing attention. Even after they’ve been paid, Indian programmers are noted for their dedication to giving support. On-demand updates, maintenance, and upgrades can be handled by your outsourced development team.
All you have to do is communicate with them via an easy-to-use online project management tool. In other words, your outsourced development business will provide you with 24-hour customer service—and they won’t charge you extra for it!

Reason 9) Better Job Satisfaction

Because of the continuous advancement of technology, it is critical for organizations to keep up with the current trends. Newer software versions are more efficient and user-friendly. It is usually better for you to hire developers who use cutting-edge technologies since they will create cutting-edge websites. In addition, an Indian developer would be able to meet your company’s requirements.
They have a lot of experience in web design and other business-related fields. As a result, you can engage an Indian developer from a reputable outsourcing firm to help your company grow quickly.

Reason 10) Rapid Progress of Technology

Technology advances at a breakneck pace, with new innovations appearing on a daily basis. Technology never stays the same; it evolves with each new day. You will fall behind other businesses in your sector if you do not keep up with it.
As a result, it’s critical to engage developers that can propel your company forward by creating cutting-edge solutions based on the newest technical breakthroughs. You can employ a technical specialist with suitable knowledge in a specific area or technology stack as a freelance software engineer.

How do you go about finding the top developers? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by people who are beginning or running a business, and it’s easy to understand why. If you’re going to leave your website, app, or software project to a development team, make sure they have the abilities and experience necessary to bring your concept into reality—and quickly!

1) Create Job Requirement Document

You’ll need to start by writing a job description for your programmers. What abilities do they require? Do you need someone who can write SEO-friendly, clean code? Or do you simply require someone who can take a concept and transform it into usable code? Once you’ve gotten these responses, make a job requirement document that lays out all of your preferences in great detail.
This will attract applicants with similar skill sets to your job posting, making it easier for you to identify employees who are suited for your project. Remember to include everything—this is where you’ll be able to specify what hours are available, when interview times are set, and so on. Make sure potential candidates understand exactly what they’re signing up for so there are no surprises later.

2) Write a Job Ad

There are various approaches to hiring developers, and the majority of them will likely work well for your company. The most effective method is most likely through job advertisements. Make sure you specify exactly what you’re searching for, as well as the amount of money you’re willing to pay.
Furthermore, you should specify how many hours they would be expected to work, since this will help guarantee that anyone accepts your offer has time available. A link to a portfolio or some other type of demonstration of competence is, of course, required. If you don’t provide these details in your ad, don’t expect anyone to take you seriously.

3) Screen Applicants

You’ll need a well-written job description and a thorough hiring procedure to discover a good developer. Create an interview schedule with your team to filter candidates who make it to the top of your list. Remember that good communication skills are essential for ensuring that both parties are happy with their agreement at all times.
This necessitates establishing clear roles and duties from the start. This includes paying developers on time—not only will prompt payment foster good work habits, but it will also help your company create reputation. Finding a dependable software developer, more than anything else, is all about keeping an open mind—if there were easy solutions or secret formulas for finding someone trustworthy enough to help you create your business, everyone would be doing it!
Allow potential employees to be creative with their applications when posting jobs online, no matter how much experience they have or how good they are otherwise.

4) Interview Potential Candidates

Before you begin employing developers, make sure you have a firm grasp on the type of individual you require. Consider the following questions when evaluating possible candidates: What specific skills does my team require? Is there anything missing from my team in terms of education or training? What attributes should I look for in a candidate (e.g., inventiveness, previous project experience)? Start your search and interview possible applicants one by one after you’ve answered these questions.

5) Finalize Technical Team

It’s time to finalize a few candidates and schedule some interviews once you’ve reduced down your prospect pool. Begin by posing questions based on the applicants’ résumé and cover letters. If they’re a good fit for your organization, you can schedule an online or in-person interview with them.
Before making your final decision, you might wish to give some candidates a paid trial period. Pay attention to small aspects such as punctuality and communication—these qualities are essential for employees who work as a team. Pay close attention to any issues that surface during interviews when recruiting developers; these minor conflicts will be amplified during actual work sessions, so identifying prospective employees who match well is critical to assuring corporate success.

6) Finalize Project Budget

You’ll need to determine your project budget before recruiting developers. You can do so by multiplying the amount of time you’ll need for each type of development task—web design, coding, data processing, and so on—by one or two developers. The end result will be a cost per developer estimate for your project. Then, present your figures to potential clients and compare them to similar projects in your field. You’ll want to double-check that they’re compliant with industry standards.

7) Finalize Timeline

Finalizing a product timeline is a critical stage for any start-up. Many new businesses fail in this area because they are unaware of how long specific tasks take and misunderstand how much time and work goes into maintaining a new firm.
Finalizing a product timeline is a critical stage for any start-up. Many new businesses fail in this area because they are unaware of how long specific tasks take and misunderstand how much time and work goes into maintaining a new firm.

8) Sign NDA

Sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before hiring a developer. An NDA (non-disclosure agreement) keeps your ideas, procedures, and intellectual property out of the hands of others. By signing an NDA with potential developers, you can rest confident that they will not steal your trade secrets or sensitive information for their own gain.
Keep in mind that NDAs can be as broad or as limited as you like; if there’s something specific you don’t want disclosed, be precise about what’s off-limits. While an NDA is not legally binding in many countries, it does provide some legal protection in the event that someone violates its conditions.

9) Initiate Development Phase

It’s time to get your hands dirty and build a prototype when you’ve finished planning and research. This may appear to be a daunting task, but good developers realize that with today’s prototyping technologies, good prototypes can be created quite rapidly (and inexpensively).
There are several simple ways for you to work hand-in-hand with developers during prototyping—from wireframing to front-end coding—to ensure everyone is on the same page from the start. In fact, many online teams do weekly or biweekly Skype conversations solely for the purpose of monitoring progress and resolving concerns as soon as possible.

10) Close Project and Follow Up

It’s critical to keep track of your new hire. If you do it well, you’ll ensure that people are enthusiastic about their task. If you keep bugging them, they’ll soon be seeking for a new job. As a result, effective follow-up is anywhere between non-existent and continuous. In general, take it easy on anyone in their first 90 days, allowing them to settle in before bringing them in to discuss performance difficulties.
When you hire someone, you can set expectations, but if things aren’t going well, wait until their probationary period is through before having an official conversation about how things are going. The purpose here isn’t necessarily to terminate someone; depending on performance, that may or may not be appropriate (and more on that later). It’s more about giving him or her time to adjust and progress, and then adjusting your plan accordingly.

1) What is the cost of your developers/programmers?

Indian programmers and developers might be hired for $5,000 to $15,000 per month. There are numerous aspects that go into deciding the cost of an employee. One of them is determining what kind of staff your company need and how much they should be paid. Once you’ve defined exactly what you want from your employees, the question of how much is easier to answer. It will benefit both you and your potential hires if you are as explicit as possible about each role up front.

2) How long will it take to hire a skilled programmer?

If you’re on a tight budget, seek for entry-level developers (or junior/senior devs, depending on which region you’re in). Entry-level developers are often less expensive to acquire and train than senior-level developers, despite their lack of expertise. If your budget is more flexible, senior devs can be worth considering if they’re available. Their abilities will enable them to solve difficult challenges faster than other applicants. What is the nature of my work? : Will your coder be needed for six hours a day? Twelve? Twenty? Is it more or less? Make sure there’s enough work to keep everyone occupied before you make an offer; otherwise, your programmers can end up twiddling their thumbs and earning a paycheck while they wait for work.

3) What tools do you use for development?

It’s always preferable to recruit engineers who are familiar with the development technologies used by your firm. If they don’t, they’ll have to learn a new set of tools, which will cost you time and money. Asking them how long it will take them to learn new tools is the greatest approach to find out if they are. It will probably take them at least two weeks to become used to the new program. What kind of background do you have? : Another thing to consider about your programmers is their familiarity with various technologies. There may be new technology on the horizon that may save you money in the long run by preventing you from having to pay for pricey upgrades—and there’s nothing worse than spending extra because your programmer was unaware of something coming down the pike.

4) Will there be a dedicated team assigned to me?

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when there are so many software development businesses to pick from. But have no fear: simply inquire as to whether you will be assigned a dedicated team to work on your project or if more than one team of developers will work on your app alternately (or website). If everyone on staff is working on many projects at the same time, they may not be able to commit as much time and energy to your proposal as you would like. Is there a projected completion date? : Nothing is more frustrating than paying thousands of dollars up front and receiving little in return. Find out what deadlines have been set for each step of your project; you might even attempt negotiating ahead of time how long specific components should take based on their size. Is it possible to see any examples? : Don’t fall victim to “shiny object syndrome” when it comes to great-looking websites; always check to see if there’s substance behind them.

5) Will there be regular meetings scheduled between us?

Quality assurance is also a priority for the top software development teams. This implies that they incorporate quality into their product rather than simply inspecting it once it is completed. If you’re working with an outsourced team, ensure sure they have good quality assurance procedures in place. Are there any plans for us to meet on a regular basis? What is the frequency at which we will communicate with one another? Will I be able to check your progress updates on my specifications? Do you put your work through its paces? What happens if something isn’t working properly or isn’t bug-free? Is it satisfactory, or do we need to go back and make changes? These are some of the factors to consider while evaluating an outsourcing firm’s customer service. Make sure there aren’t any shocks later on!

6) What is your quality assurance process like?

Quality assurance is just as vital as quality control, in my opinion. So, if the method by which your provider assures quality isn’t clearly obvious, you should be concerned. Move on to another company if they can’t or won’t disclose their procedure. You want a development team that is open and aspires to be the best. Getting a sense of how Indian developers work will help you determine how effective your project will be. After all, various businesses have different capabilities, so why pay for someone who isn’t known for their development abilities? It’s incomprehensible. And, while some companies may claim to have excellent QA methods, don’t believe them unless they provide data to back up their claims. Inquire about the number of problems/defects/flaws discovered after each testing cycle, as well as the number of bugs that remained after final testing.

7) How will my project be updated regularly during the development stages?

Development is a continuous procedure. This means that your project will go through a number of processes as it progresses from planning to design, development, testing, and debugging. As your project progresses, you’ll get a lot of questions, feedback, and requests for adjustments. Make sure an Indian software development business can handle those modifications efficiently and reliably before employing them for your project. Inquire about their processes for providing regular updates at each step of development. Don’t take “Of course!” for an answer. We’re experts at what we’re doing! Instead, ask for specifics on how often updates happen during each phase and how much control you have over their frequency.

8) Is your company registered as a business entity in your country or state?

A testimonial is one of the most effective techniques to gain your audience’s trust. A satisfied customer who tells others about their experience with your company reassures potential customers that they will be satisfied as well. It helps to demonstrate that what you’re offering is trustworthy if someone else can vouch for you. So, if you already have a business or organization, put it to good use! If not, discuss something that will allow your users to determine whether or not they can trust you, such as getting feedback from other customers (or even personal recommendations). Make sure you’re clear about whether or not anyone has vouched for you, regardless of how many referrals you have; otherwise, readers may suspect something is amiss.

9) Can I contact someone who has used your services previously for their testimonial?

One of your main worries, if you’re trying to acquire development talent in India, is going to be the cost. What about quality, though? You want to ensure that whatever work you undertake is done professionally and on time. Requesting testimonials or references is a wonderful method to get a sense of how someone works with developers in India. You may review how others have worked with that company or individual to discover if they’re the ideal fit for your project.

10) Can you guarantee delivery on time with x number of successful projects completed under your belt?

You should avoid choosing organizations who are unwilling to ensure that they will be able to deliver on their promises. A little research can also assist you eliminate out developers who haven’t done any successful projects and have no prior experience. When it comes to hiring overseas freelancers, money isn’t everything, but comparing rates and asking for guarantees can help keep your project on track and on budget. Is it okay if I tell other clients about my experience with you? : In order to assess how well prospective development firms manage customer service, have an initial talk with them regarding clientele they’ve worked with. Even if it’s simply someone who utilized them for another project, try to contact at least one prior client each organization.

It’s no longer simply for start-ups and small firms with limited finances to outsource web or mobile app developers to India. Medium and large businesses are now looking to hire Indian programmers. Here are some of the causes for this.

Rapid Time to Market

Most projects can be completed at least 50% faster by Indian software teams than by their Western counterparts. This is because they are used to working under pressure and concentrating on a few critical features rather than the “everything but the kitchen sink” approach that an in-house team may take.

Strong Project Management Skills

As a result of their experience managing offshore development projects, Indian developers have had more opportunity to perfect their project management skills.

Proven Track Record

The majority of Indian programmers have extensive project development experience and are regarded for their dependability. Many have developed from tiny outsourcing businesses to huge, well-known offshore development service companies.
You may rest assured that these businesses value quality and will not undertake a project unless they are confident in its success.

Availability of Skilled Resources

India has almost 2 million software developers, according to the National Association of Software and Services Companies, making it the world’s IT outsourcing powerhouse.
Because there are so many qualified resources available, you won’t have to trawl through hundreds of CVs to discover the ideal people for your project.

Dedicated Resources

Another reason why Indian developers are such good value for money is that they are much more likely to focus only on your projects.
However, if you decide to engage Indian developers, conduct thorough research and select the finest partner.

The cost of a project is determined by the technological stack that our developers use to code it. The developers, on the other hand, are available for $15 per hour, with the possibility of going up to $30 per hour depending on the requirements. So, if you want to receive high-quality products at a low cost, hire programmers in India.

Using project management systems like Git, Zoho, Bitbucket, Trello, and others, you can keep track of your developer’s progress.

We can work for 40 hours per week. However, we are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It is largely dependent on the application you would like us to create. We assign developers to our clients based on the technicalities that each project requires. They use the agile development technique and encourage customer transparency.

Every week, we continue to submit weekly project status reports. You should also keep track of project milestones, upcoming plans, code, bug status, and other app development metrics in real time, since this will allow us to better analyze our work.

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