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Devices, sensors and systems are getting smarter, connected and programmable every day. This is the future of technology. And the Internet of Things (IOT) is at the center of it.

The internet of things (IOT) refers to a network of physical devices that can communicate with each other and share data via the internet. This allows users to remotely monitor, control, and collect data from various devices in the vicinity or combine them into useful applications.

Our IOT developers in India have been building connected apps and wearable gadgets for enterprises across several industries, including manufacturing, telecom, healthcare, education, automotive and more. Our expertise in developing IOT applications focuses on technology layers like M2M communication protocols, big data analytics using Hadoop clusters, geospatial data management using MapReduce frameworks and more.

Our IOT Solutions

With over a decade of experience, our India-based team of developers and engineers excel in IOT Software Development to help businesses make the most out their connected systems. We offer full coverage–from connecting to the cloud all the way down to middleware and API development–so that you can create a complete IOT product without worrying about overlooking any crucial components.

Middleware that is required for the development and maintenance of an IOT data pipeline architecture.

The core middleware framework makes it simple for developers to incorporate all sorts of devices, applications, and services into a single platform. For large-scale, real-world deployments, we utilize this toolkit.

API for connecting IOT endpoints to enterprise data stores that is cloud-based

It’s a cloud-based platform that allows you to manage and orchestrate the data flow between devices and enterprise data stores. We created Cloud API to link both on-premise and public cloud environments into a single platform.

Innovative open-source IOT solutions created with Apache Kafka and AWS Kinesis

With our solutions, you can easily construct scalable applications with integrated device connectivity and data processing/visualization components. Offered as hybrid or fully managed PaaS services delivered on top of AWS, these solutions provide a turnkey solution for your application needs.

Our cloud-based platform uses open source technology and offers robust analytical capabilities for the Internet of Things.

Our cloud-based solution eases the installation of IOT solutions for businesses. Using our gateways and services, businesses can manage devices, store data, and use new sensors or APls to scan their surroundings. In addition, our analytic capabilities let you tag any product in your enterprise inventory for easy tracking.

Why Hire Our IOT Developers?

Our IoT developers have over a decade of experience in crafting software solutions for real-world problems across various industries. We’ve helped companies of all sizes realize their vision for the Internet of Things, whether that involves industrial automation, smart home devices or any other part of the growing “connected world.” In addition to our expertise and flexibility, here are a few more reasons why many hire our IoT developers in India as their top choice:

Technical Expertise

We are experts in data analytics, and can help businesses with complex problems like decision making based on predictive maintenance. We collect data from devices to make this process easier for you.

Technology Innovation

You’ll be able to take advantage of the most up-to-date technologies for your company, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and others.

Flexible App Customization

Adjusting to the ever-changing market conditions is difficult, but our team of experts can build solutions that not only meet your individual needs but are also easy to change. This way, you’ll always have an optimal experience.

Design Flexibility

We develop each gadget from the ground up or select existing hardware and software components to meet your project demands.

Secure Networking

Our products are designed with industry-standard security techniques and tested against the most popular IOT platforms and devices used by other businesses across the world (e.g., Amazon Echo, Android Wear).

Affordable Packages

We provide a range of pricing alternatives according to your budget and demands, allowing you to select the best one for your needs without paying too much.

Getting Started with IOT Development

Do you want to incorporate IOT into your business but aren’t sure where to start? Our IOT developers in India are here to assist.

Many large companies have used IOT solutions to streamline their operations, with great success. These include manufacturing, logistics and distribution. Industries such as retail and healthcare have also found ways to use IOT technologies To improve service delivery and increase customer satisfaction. So here are a few practical applications where IOT is being used right now:

  • IOT can help retailers track consumer trends, manage inventory and analyze stock availability.
  • The technology could also help customers access information on the internet or pay for items in a more efficient way.
  • IOT is being applied to keep track of patients, analyze data, and deliver health care services. It may also be used by healthcare practitioners to monitor the success of their treatments.
  • IOT technology is being used by farmers to maintain environmental conditions and monitor crops. This allows farmers to avoid losing their produce due to bad weather, pests, or other hazards associated with farming.
  • The data collected by these smart devices can be utilized to give citizens information about traffic delays or road closures as they’re happening. This allows them the opportunity to plan different routes so that they reach their destinations on time without wasting any extra time or fuel driving around aimlessly looking for another route.
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