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You use Google Ads, but you don't use Bing Ads? To maximize the scope of your product to non-Google users as well it's time to bring Bing into the mix with paid campaign marketing services.



Promote Your Business Online With Bing Ads For A Better Exposure

As Microsoft Advertisement provides companies with some of the most effective digital marketing tools that allow them to reach the top in a short time, Microsoft is among the most trusted names for doing business promotions. So are you able to take advantage of Microsoft Advertisements or Bing Ads? To make your company expand exponentially, let’s join hands.


There are many advertisers who use Google AdWords while avoiding Bing ads, which means that there is less competition. Thus, it becomes much easier for advertisers to get the traffic they need with the aid of bing advertising management experts while investing less money on a specific keyword to win top positions.

In addition, lower competition implies lower bids and lower CPC, which essentially gives the bing management company the ability to generate even more leads, traffic, and sales for less cash. This gap may be as high as 50 percent and the return on investment (ROI) is typically improved by these low prices.

When an advertiser advertises on Bing, his advertisements also appear on Yahoo and AOL ad networks, opening up his advertisements to searchers across all three search engines, including sites owned and run by Bing, Yahoo, and AOL and all their affiliate sites. This allows them to scan for net audiences who do not use Google.

Last but not least, the more straightforward feature of Bing Advertising is that Bing helps the advertiser to see exactly where the traffic comes from. In addition, reports are also available showing whether the traffic comes from Bing, Yahoo, or from any of the partner groups. To improve digital ad strategy, these reports are immensely helpful.


Our Microsoft Advertising Services

Microsoft Search Ads

Microsoft Search Ads is a Microsoft Advertising feature that can be used to view advertisements automatically when a customer's search is applicable to the website or web pages that you want to advertise. The Bing Advertising experts at Netofficials concentrate on incorporating useful and attractive ad descriptions and rich web content instead of wasting time studying keywords.

Microsoft Conversions Ads

Campaigns for Microsoft Conversion Advertising are intended to drive further conversions through the Bing management service. Our Bing experts at Netofficials have experience in driving more customers to a lower-cost website by taking advantage of functionality such as position targeting, computer targeting and Sitelink Extensions.

Microsoft Shopping Ads

Bing Shopping Ad campaigns enable advertisers on the Bing Search Network to view their product advertisements. A image, price, product description, as well as the company name are included in each of the product advertisements. With our experience in Bing PPC management, we assist advertisers to maximize their overall visibility on the search results page outside of general text advertising.

Microsoft Locations Ads

You can publicize where your clients are with Microsoft Locations Advertising. In addition, these advertisements allow you to determine the regions that best fit your desired area of coverage. You can fine-tune your focus with a variety of resources and use these promotional strategies to reach your top audience in a particular region, i.e. from postal codes to radius, cities to states, and more.

Microsoft Call Ads

Microsoft Call Ads help your ads stand out on the page as they offer a simple way for your customers to call your company directly from search results. All it takes is only one click to call. And more calls are directly connected to more leads and decisions about buying faster. We create the best-performing call ads on the Bing Advertising platform as the top Microsoft Advertising Agency.

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