Pinterest Advertising

With an exciting opportunity for your company to interact with leads interested in your company, gain more visibility through advertising on Pinterest.



Let Create A Successful Pinterest Advertising Campaign For Your Business

Between the ages of 18 to 60 years, Pinterest has about 200+ million monthly active users, and among these users, maximum e-commerce transactions are likely to be made. In contrast to users on other social media channels, Pinterest users are 10% more likely to buy from any of the e-commerce websites. And it will enable your brand to optimize its results by working with a professional Pinterest advertisement company.

Pinterest is an excellent tool to increase links back to the website, i.e., to drive more traffic because it is more powerful than other social networking platforms to drive traffic back to a website.

In contrast to other social media users who visit a site but never take action, Pinterest users are more likely to contribute or make a purchase from the website they are visiting.

Pinterest also plays well with other sites you're already using for social media. So it enables us to push Twitter and Facebook pins to drive interaction and get more followers.

Pinterest also offers clear signals for new trends as well as common items such as fashion, home and garden, food, and beauty niches in a given industry.


Our Pinterest Ads Management Services

Pinterest Brand Awareness Ads

As one of Pinterest's top advertising agencies, we have some powerful marketing solutions for brand recognition campaigns and launches of products. And these promotional campaigns for brand recognition help you expose your message to the right individuals who influence them to make confident decisions by helping them to discover your brand, products, or other services.

Pinterest Traffic Ads

When the purpose is to push traffic to a specific website, landing page, blog post, or product page, this type of ad is better. And with traffic campaigns, when someone clicks on his/her site, the advertiser just pays. So, push the amount of visitors to your website with our professionals' unparalleled Pinterest traffic ad campaign.

Pinterest App Install Ads

This is a form of ad campaign that is used when someone tries to sell some mobile game or app. The advertiser lets the users click through to the App or Play store by choosing this ad form. So, maximize your app update page visits or improve your app installs with the most powerful Pinterest App Install Advertising.

Pinterest Video Views Ads

Typically this type of ad is useful in creating as many views as possible of your shared video pin. The aim, however is to make your brand recognizable to consumers. You can maximize the quality of views, average watch times, along with the completion rates for individuals most likely to view your video with our Pinterest Advertising services.

Pinterest Sales Ads

The other type of Pinterest Ad is the consideration that suggests that you want your users to see your ad with these sales ad campaigns and then take action, such as purchasing from your website. Sales ad campaigns help you push behaviors such as Checkout, Sign-up, Lead, or adding to cart events on your website. We at TIS, however, optimize your investment accordingly.

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