Dedicated Development Teams

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Hire elite talent as your specialized offshore development team to avoid the hassles of recruiting, training, and infrastructure costs, as well as the cost of upgrading to new technologies. To assist agencies and enterprises increase their software design and development capabilities, we use specialized teams.

We have full-time professionals on staff with an average of over 5 years of expertise implementing basic and complex enterprise-grade projects. Hire a specialized development team from us now if you want to take your business to the next level.

You receive a trusted brand with a 100% client satisfaction rate, India’s best mobile app development team, 10+ years of experience, tight NDA terms, and complete peace of mind when you hire us.

Types of Dedicated Development Team Setup

Netofficials is a hub of talented and experienced web and mobile app developers. Our skilled development team specializes in offering full-cycle software solutions for startups and businesses.

On-Demand Dedicated Team

Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team in India from Netofficials, a company with extensive experience in a variety of industries. With our professional in-house development team and well-established development methods, methodologies, and technologies, we empower businesses.

Full-Service Development Teams

We provide full-time dedicated software development teams to handle the end-to-end delivery of your IT project in this team setup, which is built on ready-to-use IT infrastructure. You have the ability to modify priorities and make modification requests here.

Maintenance Teams

We provide multi-level end-user support and evolutionary functionality enhancement with this team setup. We provide dedicated teams to oversee the release of your proprietary software product throughout time.

Grow your Business with our Dedicated Development Teams

Netofficials’ specialist software development team is popular among clients for various reasons:

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Our professional software development team achieves the ideal cost, time, and quality balance. We provide you enough control over your project without putting you in charge of the team. To accelerate your progress, schedule a consultation today.

Offshore Dedicated Team Setup & Operation

We are well-known in the industry for developing powerful, secure, and scalable software products to meet the needs of organizations.


  • An in-depth examination of the project’s requirements
  • Determining the project’s scope
  • Candidates are screened according to the project requirements.
  • Appropriate team selection for the project


  • Team formation based on domain expertise
  • The start of the project
  • Setup of the environment, tools, and infrastructure
  • Definition of process and approach
  • Establishment of communication processes


  • Maximum productivity has been attained and is being maintained.
  • Review and tweaking of operations
  • Adjusting the size of the team (scale up/down)
  • Accumulating and sharing knowledge
Dedicated Development Team

Whom Can You Hire?

When you hire a specialized development team from Netofficials, you’re hiring the best services of an independently managed development team that will expertly handle your entire project. You can rent the following services:

Frontend Developers

They are in charge of coding and testing the user interface and functioning of your software development project, which is the “visible” element.

Backend Developers

By creating the inner logic and background components, they take care of everything that happens behind the scenes of your product.

QA Analysts

They ensure that the entire development lifecycle is of the highest quality by ensuring that the product is bug-free and that the procedures used to build it are of the highest quality.

UX/UI Designers

They ensure that your software’s user experience is intuitive, straightforward, and engaging, as well as consistent with your brand.

DevOps Developers

They collaborate with the developers on the specialized development team to improve development, operations, and testing coordination.

Business Analysts

They serve as a link between the business and IT departments.
They assist in the evaluation of processes, the provision of proposals and reports, and the determination of requirements.

The Advantages of Working with a Dedicated Development Team on Your Project

Hire a dedicated development team of programmers from Netofficials and take advantage of a number of advantages. The following are some of the benefits

  • Our AI solutions will help you expedite your digital transformation, from anomaly detection to real-time video analysis. We’re a group of cognitive computing nerds who love addressing hard issues with the most cutting-edge AI and machine learning techniques.
  • We are naturally cost-effective as a competitive organization, but not at the expense of quality or timeliness.
  • Don’t let your company’s profitability suffer as a result of downsizing! With Netofficials’ specialized development team, you’ll have unrivaled project scalability and resource flexibility.
  • The devoted development team at Netofficials consistently works to complete projects on time and without sacrificing quality.
  • Save money and time by eliminating the need to undertake a recruitment process, as well as the associated costs of promotions and training. To reach the best level of efficiency, work directly with our developers.
Dedicated Development Teams

Dedicated Team Vs. Time Material Vs. Fixed Price

Are you perplexed by the three types of engagement? The following is a table that compares the devoted development team, time and materials, and set price:

Dedicated Development TeamTime & MaterialsFixed-price
The company oversees the project and your specialized development team, but the client has a variety of feedback alternatives.To ensure that the job is relevant, the client must offer a detailed scope and oversee the project.A fixed cost for the entire project is agreed upon between the client and the development business.
Because the project is managed by a project manager, the client’s engagement is minimal.Because the client needs to be more involved in the decisions, collaboration between the client and the development team is closer than with the dedicated team model.You’ll pay only that predetermined amount, regardless of how much time or resources the company requires to finish the project.
The workflow of the project, including deliverables and development dates, is coordinated by the client and the team.A flexible development method that allows for shifting requirements.It’s primarily utilized for short-term initiatives, particularly those of a small or medium size or with a limited scope.
It is a more cost-effective alternative to hiring your own in-house team.Highly scalable and responsive to changing requirements.There are no hidden charges because the full price is agreed upon before construction begins.
Your software development project is given top priority by the team.Faster development is ensured by strict time management.Because the workflow has been pre-defined and agreed upon by all parties, there should be no delays in completing the project.
For enhanced scalability, it ensures ongoing development and delivery.Cost control and budget flexibility have improved.Because the project is managed by a project manager, the client’s engagement is minimal.
When opposed to more rigidly planned models, it ensures a speedier process.The client will be able to keep a closer eye on the progress.Because the project is managed by a project manager, the client’s engagement is minimal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our clientele. Please contact us if you require additional information or have any other questions.

Netofficials can provide you with a specialized development team to help you scale up your software development lifecycle since we hire India’s top talent for our offshore development team.

As per your business needs, the team develops robust, secure, and scalable software product development solutions. Apart from that, we keep our team up to date on the latest technologies, tools, and frameworks.

For senior developers with more than 5 years of relevant expertise, we offer a specialized team model.
The crew is enthusiastic and produces high-quality products on time and at a reasonable cost.

Outsourcing a dedicated development team has a number of advantages, three of which are listed here.

1) The game industry’s top talent comes from software development teams.

2) Devoted team members are aware of their worth and hence feel more responsible for the project they are working on.

3) Software development teams are easier to motivate/incentivize than generalists like artists or graphic designers.

You’ve spent a lot of time looking for the appropriate partner to work with, and you’ve finally decided on a software development team in India. It’s time to get started, but before you do, ask yourself these questions to help you properly evaluate your dedicated software development team in India and determine whether or not it’s worthwhile to work with them.

1) Start Small

You can’t just go out and get any old coder. If you’re dealing with an outsourced team, you’ll want to make sure your project is in good hands before moving on to more advanced features. Start with minor initiatives (such as bug repairs or small improvements) until you feel comfortable with your team, especially if you want to build a longer-term relationship. This will also aid quality control; you don’t want serious defects or functionality difficulties in your first major project.

2) Don’t Be Baffled by Technical Jargon

Putting together a professional software development team might be a daunting task. But, especially if you’re just getting started, don’t be frightened by technical language and acronyms. If you know exactly what kind of company and project you intend to start, determining what kind of development team will work best for your organization should be simple. Putting together a professional software development team might be a daunting task. But, especially if you’re just getting started, don’t be frightened by technical language and acronyms. If you know exactly what kind of company and project you intend to start, determining what kind of development team will work best for your organization should be simple.

3) Don’t Hire on Past Reputation Alone

Selecting a professional software development team in India is a significant decision that should be based on more than simply past performance. Before making a recruiting decision, talk to at least three different firms. Make sure they have a physical location where you can see them; while it’s normal for organizations to conduct business via email or Skype, it’s critical that their programmers be able to speak with you about your project in person. Finally, search for specific experience—inquire about everything from their mobile app development experience (which is becoming increasingly crucial) to general PHP or Java knowledge.

5) Do They Guarantee Results?

When you’re ready to hire a professional development team, look for one that guarantees outcomes. You won’t succeed until you provide your devoted software development staff every opportunity to succeed. Move on and try another team if they don’t guarantee results. It is critical to your company’s success! While it may be tough to believe at first, your hard work and dedication will eventually provide benefits. Just remember that if you let yourself, there are no limits to how much or how quickly you may expand your business!

6) Are They Committed?

Before you hire a company to work on your project, look into their work culture to determine whether it matches yours. They might not be a good fit if you have a sense of humor or if there is an office pet that everyone goes out of their way to care for. Rather than saving money by hiring a low-cost firm, you may end up spending more in lost time and irritation if things go wrong because you won’t be able to obtain help from your development team. If they don’t seem invested in your achievement, it’s probably not worth it to make a commitment to them.

7 Investigate their Work Culture

Culture is a strange beast. Sure, it’s critical, but defining what constitutes a positive team culture may be difficult and subjective. Ask plenty of inquiries and try to obtain as much insight into a company’s operation as possible while determining if it has a good culture for your needs. How do they, for example, prioritize projects? Are employees free to experiment with fresh ideas or must they adhere to strict guidelines? Is it expected of employees to work lengthy hours without receiving extra pay? Because of confidentiality agreements with clients (or difficulties like NDAs), organizations may find it difficult to answer these questions, but you’ll want to have a sense of how things work before signing on.

8) Are they Flexible?

One of the most important factors to examine is how adaptable they are. Is their schedule predictable, or will you have to collaborate with them across time zones? Is it possible to get them at different times of the day depending on where you are in the world? If you don’t want to stay up late and pay for it, don’t think a late-night debate will go well. Finding a development team that can work around your timetable – at least for the most part – is something that should be taken into account. If they can meet you halfway, chances are collaboration won’t be as difficult as it may be otherwise.

9) What’s their approach to communication?

Communication is critical whether you’re working with a full-time development team or freelancers. Companies that provide specialized software development services must communicate in a very controlled manner throughout the day—and even after hours. You’ll want to know how your business intends to communicate with you. How often do they provide you updates on their progress? What are their communication methods? Is there a policy of open doors? Can you call at any moment if you need to clarify something? All of these are important things to consider before hiring an Indian software development company. Communication is crucial to the successful operation of a business, so don’t disregard it!

10) Will you ever go dark if things don’t work out?

Doing a do-over is an alternative to going dark. You can always return your project if you employ a coder for six months and he or she does not work out. While it’s important to plan ahead with your specialized software development team, nothing is certain in life, so having a backup plan in place could save you a lot of grief down the road. Make whatever preparations you need to feel secure in your ability to move forward if things don’t go as planned. Make sure your company agreement protects your interests by laying out what will happen if things don’t go as planned.

11) Do They Follow Agile Methodology?

In software development, agile approaches are very prevalent. Many people prefer it because of its adaptability, which fosters innovation, quick decision-making, and rapid feedback. Agile is based on small groups called squads that collaborate on specific products or features. Face-to-face meetings are more common in smaller teams, so workers have less overhead and more time to be productive. Focusing on smaller portions of a project can also assist avoid scope creep from occurring too early in the development process, ensuring that products are manageable and that getting started does not take forever. Hiring a specialized team that uses agile approaches can help your firm take control of its projects and avoid being taken advantage of by scam agencies that promise results but provide low-quality products at expensive prices.

The scale of your project may be one of the aspects that influences the response to this inquiry. Larger projects necessitate more devotion and effort than smaller projects, and this is where specialized software development in India can help. If you’re thinking about making this kind of change but aren’t sure if it’s the correct step for you, ask yourself these ten questions first.

1) Why Do I Need A Dedicated Software Team?

When a company wants to expand, the first question it asks is, “How do I get there?” To construct your product or add functionality to your existing product, you’ll need a dedicated software crew. You’ll be investing a significant amount of time and money. As a result, it’s critical that you do your homework before selecting a development team. Here are some questions to consider when choosing a development partner who can help you maximize your budget and time.

2) Where Should I Build My App And Where Should I Have It Developed

I’m frequently asked whether it’s better to construct an app in-house or engage a software development firm that specializes in dedicated development. Before you hire a professional software development team, ask yourself these ten questions. It depends on your objectives and expectations, as well as how much of a challenge you want to undertake with an internal team versus working with a specialist software development team. As you read through these questions, be honest with yourself and keep these questions in mind.

3) What Kind Of Budget Can I Expect To Pay For Software Development

The issue is that you won’t know how much dedicated software development in India will cost until after you’ve received it. There’s no way to figure out a fixed pricing until you know what features and products your company requires. While we can provide rough estimates of how much developers earn, we do not recommend relying on them. However, it never hurts to get an idea of what costs might be before employing a professional software development team.

4) How Long Does It Take To Build An Software

When Is It Appropriate To Hire An Outsourced Software Company? Many internal software development initiatives begin with a brilliant idea and a flurry of activity. When you discover that implementing an excellent application takes longer or costs more than you anticipated, these projects become problematic. Many outsourcing businesses can provide you with a specialized development team ready to start on your project in as little as three months, which is much faster than hiring in-house. This means you won’t have to make significant workforce changes; instead, you’ll be able to preserve business continuity while your new system is being constructed and launched.

5) How Does The Process Work – From Discovery To Completion

There are certain phases involved in recruiting professional software development teams, from discovery to conclusion. A thorough summary of what to expect at each stage may be found below. Question 1: What exactly is your issue? Clients that employ professional software development teams usually have a good concept of what they want done. Even if it’s something as easy as updating my website, it’s crucial to go deeper and see if that’s really what they want or if there’s more to it.

6) How Do I Know Who Will Be Working On My Project?

If you’re hiring dedicated software development in India, make sure you know who will be working on your project ahead of time. As a customer, you need to know whether you’ll have a long-term relationship with your offshore team or if you’ll just be paying a monthly retainer that may or may not result in meaningful work. If at all possible, select a professional software development firm with people who are entirely focused on your project. With full-time staff available at all times, a dedicated software development business should be able to provide you with exactly what you require.

7) How Do You Guarantee Quality Products On Time?

It’s critical that you and your specialized software development team collaborate closely so that they understand what to build and how to produce it. A flawless delivery will be ensured if you spend more time clarifying those aspects, ensuring clarity about your expectations, and addressing all contingencies as early as feasible. The idea is to set clear milestones or checkpoints to track progress, as well as a good testing and quality assurance system. It is hard to provide high-quality items on time without those aspects in place.

8) How Do I Set Up Monthly Meetings And How Often Should They Occur?

If you’re working with a dedicated team of developers in India, keeping lines of communication open will be one of your top concerns. Setting up a monthly meeting schedule is a smart method to do this. The easier it will be for everyone involved if these sessions are more frequent and predictable. Make sure you record all of the facts of these sessions so you can keep track of what was discussed and how far you’ve come over time. That way, no one is left in the dark about where projects are at or what’s next on everyone’s to-do list.

9)NDA Policy and Ownership of Code

When you hire an offshore software development team for your company, you should sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that spells out both parties’ rights and responsibilities. The NDA should state that your company owns all copyrights to any code created during the production process. This is required in order for you to maintain complete control over your company’s intellectual property. Also, make it clear whether some portions of the project are work for hire, in which case they become wholly your company’s property after completion, or contingent work, in which case they remain the property of their creators until you buy them outright.

10)Communication and Project Management Tools and Channels

To keep track of your project’s progress, your dedicated software development team may use a range of communication and project management tools and channels. How will you ensure that everyone is on the same page? Do you have any specific services or tools in mind for your specialized software development team? Are there any services or tools that they must avoid for some reason (for example, because they can’t access them from where they are)? What is your typical timetable for brainstorming sessions and stand-up meetings (also known as scrums) to guarantee that both sides are communicating effectively at all times during the project?

If you’re considering hiring a dedicated software development team in India, make sure you avoid these frequent blunders. Our years in the industry have shown us that companies that focus on the ten items below are more likely to receive strong results from their software development teams. Before hiring a specialized software development team in India, consider the following factors in order of significance.

1) Who should you hire?

Depending on your budget, hiring freelancers or independent contractors may make sense. However, you’ll need to devote a significant amount of time and effort to maintaining them. If you intend to hire software professionals from another country, keep the following in mind: Make sure they have access to high-speed internet; if your Internet connection is down for maintenance or has difficulties, this could lead to major problems down the road. Choose a team with a lot of experience—the best advise is to hire software experts with at least three years of experience. Expect higher-than-average turnover rates; skilled staff is hard to come by, so don’t be surprised if employees leave after a year or two.

2) What do they need to be able to do?

It’s tempting to recruit a dedicated software development team that has little or no experience with the task at hand. When you don’t explain your expectations, even with good intentions, it’s easy for uncertainty to emerge. Before you hire a professional software development team, ask yourself the following questions: What programming languages are you currently using in your application? Is it feasible for your organization to develop its own unique software if it does not already have an application or website? Do you want a mobile app for your business? Is it necessary for your users to be able to communicate in their native language? How much do you think your budget will be? How many programmers and project managers will be part of the dedicated software development team?

3) How do you evaluate them?

Experience is the most important factor to consider. You don’t want to work with a group of developers that are clueless about what they’re doing, but you also don’t want one with too much experience. Between these two extremes, a decent team exists. A company that creates sophisticated software on a regular basis – and has been around for a while – is your best bet. I suggest not too much experience since there are numerous other elements that will influence whether or not your software project succeeds.

4) What are their minimum qualifications?

Have a notion of what you want your developers to accomplish for you before you hire a software development team. A clear description of each project aim will aid prospective team members in determining how they may best contribute to the project. Give them a precise set of duties or criteria rather than a generic list. Ensure that all expectations are clearly stated from the start, so that everyone is on the same page. If there are any components of a project that are unclear at first, clarify them as soon as possible to avoid any shocks later on. When your organization has unrealistic expectations for its specialized software development team, things might get out of hand.

5) What are your company’s expectations?

Only employ a professional software development team if you know exactly what you want and have a firm estimate of how much it will cost. However, if your organization isn’t sure what it needs, it might be able to get by with hiring freelance developers for specific projects or using an agency instead. You can also buy custom-made software from a vendor instead of hiring specialized developers, which is a less expensive choice than having custom-developed software constructed in-house. Let’s not forget about free and open source solutions like WordPress and Magento Community Edition, which are used successfully by many enterprises.

6) Are there any things you shouldn’t skimp on?

While you may always work hard, learn new talents, and hustle your way to becoming better over time, some things are simply too vital to overlook. It’s impossible to generate money with an unsatisfied customer base, thus the last thing you want is for them to fall short on their expertise or quality of work. Before deciding who will help you expand your business by creating code, a good place to start is to perform a lot of research.

7) Don’t skimp on references. Check all of them.

It is critical that you make touch with your references. If your reference claims they were never contacted or gives you an incomplete account, don’t hire them. Before making any kind of decision, you want to know everything there is to know about a candidate. When it comes to recruiting someone for a long-term project such as software development, references are more vital than ever. That’s because lousy programmers tend to stay longer than necessary when there are few people with whom they can collaborate; good programmers, on the other hand, tend to jump from job to job rapidly once they find something better.

8) Does the software development agency have ample technical knowledge?

A dedicated software development team that has never worked on a large-scale project before isn’t necessarily a negative flag. When beginning on a completely new work, every developer, no matter how accomplished, requires assistance. This isn’t to say that you should disregard squad size totally. Instead, try to learn more about the level of assistance that these developers will receive. It’s less likely that they’ll need individual assistance from you every step of the way if they’re already engaging with other engineers at your organization.

9) Do they have experience working with your team size?

Many development teams excel at working on small projects, but struggle when it comes to working with huge groups. As a result, you should inquire about your possible partner’s previous experience working with a team of your size. For example, a partner that can credibly claim to have worked on dozens of goods similar to yours is one you should investigate further. Remember: If your potential partner lacks direct experience, it just means they have information from other organizations and should be able to efficiently communicate that expertise.

10) Do they have experience working with companies like yours?

It’s critical that you learn how long your specialized software development team has worked with businesses similar to yours. It will give you an indication of what kind of experience they have with businesses similar to yours. You’ll get a better understanding of what they can do for your organization this way. Their previous work should give you some insight into what they will do for your organization in the future.

Without a doubt. Before beginning the project, our team will offer you with a comprehensive consultation. For a variety of reasons, we are the best offshore dedicated software development team.

We have a dedicated development staff with years of experience.

Our professionals are up to date on the most recent trends and technologies.

We endeavor to provide high-quality products at all times.

So, if you have an idea, you can contact our team at any moment and take the first step toward achieving your business goals.

No, we are firm believers in complete transparency. Once you have placed an order for your website design with us, we discuss your website requirements and price it accordingly. We strive hard to ensure that the pricing quote is followed to the letter.

Without a doubt. Nothing is impossible when you engage an off-site specialized software development team from us. We let you employ the resources you want, onboard them, and scale up and down based on your needs.

In that instance, you may quickly trim and enlarge your offshore software development staff with advance notice. We make certain that you obtain everything you want without difficulty.

We can provide you with the greatest results if you hire a dedicated software development team from us. Without a doubt, we provide real-time project management solutions to track project progress and properly evaluate your job.

Yes. Please contact us if you are dissatisfied with our services. If you’re still unhappy after talking, you can cancel the contract with mutual terms and conditions.

We make certain that companies wishing to establish a development center in India receive the best possible assistance. Our process is open, and we have a dedicated development team that is highly talented and knowledgeable. The procedure for working is as follows:

• Iterative development guided by design

• CI/CD Performance Enhancement

• Research and development

• Market and feedback-driven improvisation

We provide development team services to clients all around the world, and we understand the issues of communication breakdowns, late deliveries, and time zones. We make certain that our crew operates in your time zone and during business hours.

Yes, you will have entire control over software developers; they will operate as your loyal workers. For daily and weekly reports, you can communicate with them via chat, phone, Skype, and emails.

You won’t have to worry about anything when you engage a dedicated development team from Netofficials. We prefer to work on projects that last at least one month. You can hire our staff for a minimum of 15 days if the job is small. For a smaller project with a shorter timeline, the price may be higher.

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