Google Advertising

With the new Google Ads methods used by the best Google Ads management company in India, lift your company to the highest level possible.



Get The Most Value Out Of Your Spend Through Ongoing Optimization & Deep Analysis

With a presence of over 80% of internet users, Google is the world’s largest and most powerful network. And, Google AdWords is a validated way to meet Google’s target customers at the right moment. Reach the audience that is already involved in our Google Advertising management services for the product or service that you sell.


All your campaigns can be monitored and calculated on one dashboard. And you will find out more than ever before about what content works for your store and what doesn't, by connecting your Google Advertising and Analytics accounts.

Search engine traffic is known to be the most prospective traffic since people are genuinely looking for the product/service you are providing. So, Google Ads advertisement allows you to get more leads and sales for your online company.

With Google Advertising, even only after the ad has been accepted, or typically within a day after the ad has gone live, you can generate results instantly. Google Advertising will also allow you to find more potential organic marketing keywords as well.

The advantage of the PPC targeting options is that when you have several options to expand a net that you want to cast, you can reach those people who are not already in your audience along with those who have already been introduced to your brand.


Our Google AdWords Campaign Management Services

Search Network Campaign

Search network campaigns are the most effective ad campaigns for companies that generate leads and sales. Our expert team at Netofficials tracks the success and interaction of your search network advertising campaigns to change bids, commercials, and keywords to better represent the traffic on your website that will participate most positively.

Responsive Ad Campaign

The responsive ad is an ad that adapts its scale, appearance, and format automatically to match the ad spaces on the Google Display Network that are open. We develop responsive display ad campaigns at Netofficials, track, optimize, and evaluate their performance. So, take advantage of our Google Ads Management Service to get a professionally crafted ad campaign.

App Promotion

If you have an app, you have to let people know about its advantages. Targeted advertisements for downloading apps will spread the word on how solutions are offered.

Display Network Campaign

Campaigns for the show network have a wide scope and will help you promote the brand while generating awareness of the product. You need professionals, though to make display network ads a profitable channel for your business. We create show campaigns that inspire people to appreciate your brand, take action and consider your products.

App Campaign

During recent years, the team of PPC experts at TIS has gained extensive experience with Software Install Promotions. So we've done everything from overseeing Universal App Campaigns to running Advertisements directly on the iOS App Store and Play Store on Android. In addition, our hand-picked quality publisher network lets you reach a higher number of installs.

Native Ads

Combine your product or service's message seamlessly with online editorial to generate compelling reasons to purchase. Of lists, influencers, and much more.

Shopping Campaign

Shopping Ads are the ones that allow you to advertise your e-commerce items at the top of the results pages of search engines. And, Google Shopping Ads or Google Product Listing Ads are the most frequently used shopping ad channels. In order to get more sales, income and ROI, we set-up and optimize shopping advertising.

Landing Page Optimization

As the top management firm for Google Adwords, we cater to our customers with sales-driven landing page design & optimization services. So we will handle all this for you, all that is needed to engage your landing page, such as creating/designing new landing pages or keeping track of all the statistics.

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